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Meet Anthony Joseph

Sales Coach and Strategist.

Founder and Leader of Mastership


Anthony Joseph Mastership

About Anthony

The seeds of Mastership were planted while Anthony was working as an account executive and enterprise strategist for Microsoft. Despite landing the world’s biggest Windows and Office deal, Anthony thought Microsoft (and the sales world in general) was moving in the wrong direction. They were getting results, but not necessarily the right ones. And they didn't always care enough about cultivating the client relationship or understanding their story. Enter Mastership – a story-based approach that draws on Anthony's experience in sales, growth consultancy, and platform shifting.


With the Mastership program, Anthony has been helping B2B sales, advisors in finance and business development teams to become more effective at selling and developing relationships. By helping his students transform into trusted advisors their clients get more value, sales and renewals are larger, and business happens with less friction. It’s win, win.


Anthony Joseph helps organisations with sales coaching and training, strategy development and client-focused account planning.


Anthony’s calm and mindful approach isn’t what you’d expect from the smooth-talking sales world. That’s probably why it works.



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About Anthony


“Anthony is an unusual Sales Leader and professional. He is quiet and thoughtful…and a trained killer..” 

—  Evan Thornley, former CEO - Better Place

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