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Craft Your Winning Story

The workshop where you walk in with ideas, concepts or a pitch and walk-out with a story that sells.

Harness the power of storytelling to develop a pitch that converts.

During the Craft Your Winning Story Workshop, we work with you to create a story that converts your prospects into clients and helps grow your clients into trusted partners.
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Persuade with an engaging Story

When you’re selling your ideas, services, and expertise, having a pitch that's compelling, logical and resonates emotionally is crucial. The best pitches are like stories and connect with the emotions of your prospect.
Story (as in a narrative, not anecdote or example), creates more interest, fast-tracks relationships and converts more opportunities. Using the power of story in your pitch is a game changer.
Go from struggling to sell your services to telling a story that sells itself.

Open up more opportunities

You’ve worked hard to build a business that delivers exceptional value to your clients. You’ve got the expertise, the experience, and the team. But you don’t feel your prospective clients truly understand how much value your service offers.
The right narrative helps you break down your insight into easy to digest bite-sized pieces. Narratives are easier to remember and understand. And with visual thinking complex ideas are simplified and have more impact.
This way your insight shines and you expand your business.

Empower and unite your team

Selling doesn’t always come naturally to consultants, advisors, and experts. Having a story, rather than a traditional sales pitch feels less ‘salesy’ and helps you empower your team to take on business development with confidence.
In this workshop, we co-create the story with your team. This way they’re united on how to tell it and set up for success.  Now you’ve unlocked a new business development resource.
And now, your business can grow.

About The Workshop

In this half-day workshop, Anthony Joseph, B2B sales expert and passionate business story-teller, comes onsite to help you craft your story.


You'll leave the workshop with:
  • A compelling story that motivates your prospects and clients so they sit up, pay attention and jump at the chance to work with you.
  • A customisation strategy so you know how and when to tailor your story. Your prospects or clients will feel understood and see you as someone they can trust.
  • A more confident and united team, capable to close more new business and forge better client relationships so your business can grow.​
Anthony Joseph Mastership

Anthony has an uncanny ability to simplify complex ideas into engaging narratives. He’ll use his skills to help you find your story, convey your value, and unite your team on your narrative.


Anthony has spent his career finding and telling stories. From his time in enterprise sales at Microsoft, where his stories helped to secure $100M in at-risk licensing revenue, to Better Place where he used story to engage the fleet industry on the transition to electric cars. Today Anthony helps businesses to grow by developing their selling capabilities.

Anthony Joseph


Founder & Leader of Mastership

About The Workshop


"Mastership taught me more about systematically crafting a compelling story and creating it with the client than 10 years of strategy consulting.”


We’re now having the right conversations with current and potential clients. And we also understand ourselves better. We use the simple visual communication device AJ created to explain what we do, differentiate ourselves and explain our unique value. The new tools resonate with clients.

Who Is This Workshop For?

We work with expertise-based business, consultants, experts, and advisors, or those with a complex product offer.
You’ll benefit from this workshop if:
  • You want to finesse your pitch to improve your conversion rate.
  • You’ve got a new offer and need help finding the story to launch it successfully.
We love working with clients that value creating trusted client relationships and delivering exceptional value.
If this sounds like you we’d love to hear from you, click below to arrange a time to talk.



Book a free consultation with Anthony to discuss if this workshop is right for you.

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