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Mastership Sales Training

Advanced selling skills for businesses who value the means and the end.

Breathe new life into your sales approach with the Mastership Sales Program

Relationships are the lifeblood of your business whether it’s creating new ones or expanding existing relationships. There’s no trick to doing it better. But there is Mastership.
Mastership helps you master the art of sales and relationship cultivation, helping you to grow your business, improve sales outcomes, create robust relationships and become a trusted partner to your clients.
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Improve sales performance

You value genuine trusted relationships and delivering exceptional business value. You’ve worked out a way of selling that feels natural to you. But, are you getting the results you need? If you lead a team, are you happy with their business development skills? Does your team excel in business development and relationship management?
Mastership focuses on elevating the critical skills you need to cultivate better relationships with your prospects, clients, and partners, in fact any stakeholder whose relationship is important to your business. This approach results in better client value, larger sales and on-going revenues. Business development happens with less friction. It’s win, win.
With a highly skilled team taking more responsibility your business is set up for sustainable business growth.

Grow your business

When you’re a consultant or advisor, selling is something you do every day, even if you don’t call it that. Advocating for your advice, proposing strategies, pitching your company and acquiring new clients is part of the job. However, most sales approaches don't align with how you operate, focusing too much on the transaction over the long-term relationship, using tricks and old-fashioned sales methods.
Mastership won’t teach you how to smooth-talk your way to success. The approach is pretty simple; listen to your client, learn their story, earn their trust and help them realise their goals.
That’s how you grow a business. Yours and theirs.

Create robust relationships

Are you confident in the strength of your client relationships? When you sell your advice, services, and expertise, the strength of your key relationships is the best indicator of the health of your business.
It takes a mountain of effort to acquire new clients, from prospecting to managing implementation. Leaders are often concerned their team misses opportunities for cross-selling and growing existing relationships. They can lack the skills to spot them and confidence to handle them.
Mastership complements existing consultative approaches. It helps you solve your client’s burning issues and realise their long-term aspirations.
With Mastership, you are part of your client’s journey.

About The Mastership Program

Sales expert, Anthony Joseph, created Mastership because he knows firsthand that strong relationships are the secret to a thriving business. After two decades in enterprise level sales Anthony launched Mastership to share the approach he used to develop and maintain critical relationships for Microsoft and Better Place.
Learn more about Anthony here
Who is the program for?
We’ve used Mastership to help consultants and advisors as well as business development teams and start-ups ready to scale. It’s a practice for anyone who works with people and wants to learn how to do it better.
We work with a wide range of clients who value creating trusted relationships and are committed to continuous improvement.

Become a trusted partner

You’re paid for your expertise and knowledge. Often you need to challenge your clients thinking and take them out of their comfort zone. There’s an art to providing advice and persuading someone to act at the same time. Done well you become a trusted partner and indispensable. Mastership teaches you how to position, fit and sell your advice.
This way your client sees you as a partner and realises the wisdom in your opinion.
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Danny Pikler Stile_edited.jpg
Danny Pikler - Head of Education
Stile Education

"The results speak for themselves: I’m managing my clients more effectively, making them feel looked after, earning their commitments…and not losing a single one. Mastership is an essential practice for anyone working in relationships. Powerful stuff."

Workshop Feedback​

The Mastership Program includes a workshop and follow up coaching.

Here are the outcomes as reported by participants immediately following the workshop.

“It helped me understand the sales process in a different, less intimidating 'sales-y' light.”

“Incorporating elements such as external forces and preferred future into my consultations. The Mastership Canvas is very useful.”

“A better ability to understand the client’s needs and story.”

“The break-down of storytelling and the best approaches to be an authentic, motivated and confident individual keen on sharing the values and benefits of a product and building genuine relationships with a range of customers.”

“I will seek to "Engage the Elephant" (emotional connection), not just the "Rider" (Intellect) Not just about Developing the Plan, also Communicating the Plan.”

Can listen more effectively to their clients
Know how to use stories to build engagement and advocacy for their solution
Understand how to fit their solution to my client's needs

Download A Program Outline

The Mastership Program comes in two flavours; Mastership for B2B relationships and Mastership for Advisors tailored explicitly for advisors in finance. To learn more download a program outline
Choose your flavour:

Interested? Want to know more?

Great, let's get started. ​
The first step is a free consultation call to understand what you’re looking to achieve and to discuss how we might be able to help.
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